The Interfaces of Global Change (IGC) program at Virginia Tech is an exciting new interdisciplinary graduate education program designed to address the multidimensional aspects of global change.

Human domination of the Earth has created a myriad of problems that interact to threaten biodiversity and essential ecological processes, and in doing so jeopardize the long-term welfare of society. The Interfaces of Global Change PhD program provides a much-needed research and training niche to address these threats.

PhD students will complete their primary coursework during the first two years of study, and then continue to enroll in a Global Change Seminar course to stay up on the literature, maintain their connection to the IGC community, and develop relationships with new cohorts of students.

We welcome broad participation from across the Virginia Tech campus and encourage interested students to contact any core faculty member with questions about the program before submitting an application. A complete set of instructions is located here.

  • The theme is highly topical, addressing the most pressing issues of our times and aligning strongly with an area of strategic emphasis at Virginia Tech....It is clear that students will emerge from this program well-qualified to play leading roles in questions relating to global change...  The Interfaces of Global Change IGEP boasts highly qualified and well-funded faculty with a demonstrated record of collaboration...–VT Faculty Comments about the IGC IGEP